Wills and Estates

5 Easy Steps to Making a will

Making a will is important for all adults and is particularly important for business people.  How will your business affairs be managed when you are no longer here?  Will your family be able to work with any partners? A well thought out will  ensures that your wishes are carried out when you are no longer here.  The death of a family member is a time when everyone is vulnerable, tensions run high and unexpected things can happen.   Simple wills can be made for less than  $300 and can simplify the process greatly.  Contact us for a fixed price quote.

We can  help you identify the best process to manage your business and personal affairs in your absence and avoid unnecessary disputes.

  • 01 CALL US

  • 02 tell us about you and your family

  • 03 we prepare a draft for you to approve

  • 04 we email the draft to you

  • 05 we’ll help you sign

We have been preparing wills for Sunshine Coast Business People since 1998

If you operate a business there are some simple things that you may need to do, with your companies trusts and properties to make sure that your will is effective


    • You do not own the assets of your trust, how those assets pass depends upon the content of the trust deed and how the new trustee takes control


    • You do not own the assets of your company. Those assets are owned by that company and are controlled by the shareholders and directors. You cannot give these assets away in your will. You must consider how best to deal with directorships and shareholdings in your will.


    • If you own a house or bank account or any other assets jointly with someone else then those assets will pass to that other person regardless of what your will says. Assets held with another person as tenants in common will pass under the will. You should consider if your assets are held jointly or as tenants in common. We can help you make corrections.


    • If you have a blended family and you are having difficulty deciding how to leave assets so that your biological children and your partner are both protected then you are not alone. Talk to us. A Binding Financial Agreement, appropriate life insurance or a testamentary trust may help.